WordPress vs. Weebly – Which one is better?

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When you are just thinking of to create a website you are faced with a number of tough decisions. Beside from a domain name, from where to host it, and what information it should have, you also have to think about the backbone of the website – the platform the entire site is built on. There are a huge number that you can choose between, but we are talking about Weebly and WordPress. With each comes their own set of advantages and disadvantages, you have to decide which one is better for you.

  1. Features and Plugins

Weebly comes with a variety of tools built in with their platform. You can quickly add that functionality; it includes the ability to add an online store, blog, contact form, photos, etc. But if you need a feature that is not available in Weebly, then you are in trouble because you cannot add it.


WordPress is super flexible. WordPress has all the features you can dream have: online stores, contact forms, galleries, and portfolio, SEO etc.t Main advantage of wordpress is that, there are thousands of free plugins out there, so you can add whatever you want. Plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast makes WordPress more SEO friendly that Weebly.


The major difference is that with Weebly you’re limited to only using building blocks it provides, while with WordPress you can scale your project as you wish.

  1. Design and Layout Choices

Weebly has a collection of ready themes that you can easily use and change. It have many themes which you can customize using their drag and drop tools.


There are thousands of free and premium themes for WordPress on the web. The biggest and the most official place to get a WP theme is its official library. WordPress does not come with a built-in drag and drop page builder. However there are thousands of pre-made templates available some that offer drag-drop functionality


You can get more options in themes in wordpress than weebly.

  1. Ecommerce and Business

Weebly is a great Ecommerce solution for small businesses that need to build an online store, but need a very easy interface to do so. Weebly charges 3% transaction fee on top of the fee that you will be charged by the payment processor such as Stripe and PayPal. This means that you are paying double in transaction fees.

WordPress plugins helps you in building an Ecommerce website, whether you are in need of a large, or a small online presence. Most of these comes with dozens of pre-made themes, you can add coupons, customize receipts, and basically everything that you want to do. Woo Commerce allows you to very effectively build any type of Ecommerce website you need, while still using WordPress. Also there are no additional transaction fees. All you pay is the payment processor fees, which you will have to pay with any platform.

The drawback of Weebly’s Ecommerce is that it brings an increased monthly cost to use and may be a stretch for some small business. With the low cost of hosting you can build a more expandable Ecommerce website with WordPress than you could with Weebly.

  1. Data Portability

You can download your site as a zip file in weebly, but this will only contain your HTML pages and images. If you had a blog, then it will not be exported. If you had sliders, then they would not work in the exported site. Basically it is very difficult to move a site away from Weebly.

In WordPress, you can easily export your data into many formats. You can export your WordPress site as an XML file, database export, and download your files and content. You can easily migrate your WordPress site to any other platform that you like.

In wordpress you can export your data in any format you want while this is not possible in weebly.

  1. Drag and Drop/ Content Management

Weebly is drag and drop. These elements include text, photo’s, video, dividers, columns and all the essentials for building a website. Drag them into your website, click on the element and then easily edit them.


WordPress grown into a very easy way to manage content and build a fully functional website. Instead of using individual elements to build your website, WordPress uses posts, and pages. Within these posts and pages you can add media, text, quotes and all the other essentials for displaying your content.


To make WordPress easier to use like Weebly you can use plugins. A plugin that gives WordPress a drag and drop functionality is Page Builder and allows you to add structure, columns and styling to your WordPress pages and it is the main advantages of WordPress

  1. Hosting Included vs. Hosting Options

Weebly is a completely hosted service. This means that your website working on their servers, and you have to follow their terms and conditions. If you want to switch platforms, the migration process is extremely difficult.

WordPress on the other hand is free software that you can install on your own web hosting account. This means that you own 100% of all your content, and WordPress makes it very easy to switch to a different platform should you choose to do so.

  1. Blogging Platform

Weebly allows for blogging and has its own built in content management system. Weebly’s blogging platform does well in organic search, but Weebly does not rank as high as a WordPress website in organic search.

WordPress was originally founded as a blogging platform and still continues to be the most robust blogging platform available.

With weebly you don’t have easy access to your content, unless it is through the Weebly editor. WordPress gives you full control over your blogs content, categories and tags while allowing you to easily build a blog post.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Weebly doesn’t do as well in search as WordPress does, but this is due to numerous factors. With all that said, Weebly offers all of the essential tools to optimize your Weebly SEO.

WordPress kicks search engine optimizations butt. It does this by efficiently managing and organizing your websites content, categories and url structures. Also by adding a simple plugin you can ensure that your WordPress websites SEO is done right. WordPress is great for SEO and with a little work can help you beat your competition.


Weebly is more suitable for small websites. It is not an ideal solution to create a blog, or run an online store. While WordPress offers more tools, freedom, and flexibility. If you’re looking for a CMS that leaves more room for customization, and lets you host your website anywhere on the web, then WordPress is right for you.

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